Flipping the classroom

Flipping the classroom is a great concept. A flipped classroom experience has the potential to engage students where they are and with what they are interested in through a good classroom model.

Effective classroom flipping is not as simple as the name implies. It actually puts more responsibility on both the teacher and the students. In my teaching, I used some of the flipping technique.

Here are some of the opportunities/benefits using flipping the classroom techniques for students and teacher:


  • Students will take more responsibility for their own learning.
  • The teacher is not the centre of attention, but instead, serves as a guide or facilitator of learning.
  • Students who will be absent due to illness or some other reasons, they don’t get left behind.
  • Students will be engaged in their learning.
  • Students will not struggle with completing homework because they “forgot” how.
  • Students will be actively working with their peers.


  • Teacher will spend more time supporting students with practice.
  • Teacher will spend class time focusing on challenging issues rather than feeling the need to cover all    the basics.
  • Teacher will spend less time on classroom management of student behaviours.
  • Teachers will not spend extra hours tutoring and re-explaining to students who didn’t understand the class lesson.
  • Teacher may find it more engaging and enjoyable to spend class time interacting with students, rather than giving a lecture.
  • Teacher and student relationship will get strong.

I can definitely use flipping classroom techniques in all of my courses because all of courses need more real world experience rather than remembering all of the techniques. They need more hand-ons and in this way they can apply different techniques rather than just doing whatever is provided to them by their teacher.


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